Eleanor Whittle

Classically Trained Soprano,for Weddings, Parties & Corporate Events.



Eleanor believes singing can be enjoyed by children and young people of all ability levels. She takes pride in supporting youngsters to find their own unique sound whilst maintaining good vocal health.

An award winning singer, Eleanor has first hand experience of the positive impact that good quality singing instruction can have on a persons voice, confidence and state of mind, and takes great pleasure in being able to pass this onto her students.

Eleanor  takes an individualised approach to teaching and tailors each lesson to meet the needs of each student. She uses her experience to develop training and practice methods that are clear, easy to follow, and most of all, effective.

   Lesson Time                              Fee       

 60 minutes                                    £30.00

 30 minutes                                    £15.00

 30 mins (duo jointly)                   £20.00

 30 mins (junior under 16)          £12.50

 30 mins (junior duo)                   £16.00

Contact Eleanor

Mobile:  +44 (0)7502 284210